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Granite Countertops Advantages and Disadvantages

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Granite Advantages  

  • Granite is mined as a single, large slab that is 100% natural stone making each slab of granite a totally unique one. There are no two sheets of slabs are alike. 

  • Granite that is used on large island cabinetry comes in jumbo slab sizes so if you have a spacious kitchen or a large island, granite might be the answer when it comes to avoiding seams.  
  • There are hundreds of colors and shades of granite slabs for you to choose from and every slab is as beautiful and as impressive to look at. Visit Website for more details. Many homeowners consider the imperfection to be the granite’s characteristic that is making it distinctive.  
  • Granite stands up to normal use very well although it can make your knife blades dull and it is not recommended to use granite countertops as your chopping board.  
  •  Granite is a natural mineral so it is built to withstand harsh elements. Even if it is directly exposed to the sun, granite will not weather or fade making it great to be used for outdoors too.  
  • When granite countertop is sealed correctly by a professional, your countertop will not soak up liquids and become completely stain resistant.  
  •  Granite has a very wide range of pricing that the most inexpensive and low-end granite will run about $55 more or less per square foot. Just be careful of those hidden fees. However, when it comes to high-quality and exotic granite, it could cost you as much as $150 more or less in every square foot. Need some budget
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Granite Disadvantages  

  • In replacing a large countertop, you will need a few different slabs in order to finish the job and it will be impossible even to professionals to make the joining seams invisible although a professional can make inconspicuous cuts making the seam color corresponds to the granite, but they will be evident if you are going to search for the seams.  
  • Granite is absorbent by nature. If your granite countertop is not correctly sealed or left unsealed, your countertop could end up absorbing wine, juice or water and oil and could cause a stain you can’t remove. Not only that, if granite is incorrectly sealed, it will hold bacteria and other microorganisms making your granite their breeding ground. Granites should be sealed once every two years at least or it will depend on the condition of the current seal. You can always perform some test to check if your granite needs resealing.  
  • Granite countertops are long-lasting and tough but it could possibly get damaged if a heavy or pointed item is dropped on the countertop especially on the countertop’s corner, it can result to chip or crack.  
  • Granite has a lot of variation in the texture and tone. You may not like the variation but it always depends on your taste and also the current design of your kitchen like in the past years where monotone colors become popular. It limits the use of granite to kitchens with contemporary designs.  

You won’t have to worry ever about stains on the granite counters overland park. It will not absorb any liquid and other stains so you can enjoy the granite countertops you have for years to come if it is sealed properly and with a touch of care.  

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The TOP 5s in Moving

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Packing for house removal? Check out some things you should not pack on the truck and the stuff you frequently left behind while packing to move. Hope this would help you on the big day.  


Some things are not meant to be packed on the truck when moving and here are the top 5  

Dangerous and hazardous materials 

Materials that are considered high risk is not allowed in transporting. That is according to Dangerous Goods AcHight regarding even if you are using professional removalist.  

These include flammable, explosive or corrosive materials such as motor oil, pool chemicals, pesticides, paints, car batteries and fuels   

Personal documents 

Always keep your important documents safe and should not be included from your packing boxes. These include birth certificates, passports and documents related to the sale of your house and more important is the document to your move.  


You don’t know when you will need those asthma inhalers, epi-pens, first-aid kit so better have it on your side especially those prescribed medicine that you use on daily basis. Go to  


Avoid taking perishables with you especially when moving interstate. You won’t like rotten food on your furniture and other belongings .  

Overnight essentials 

Consider the things that you will need for the night after moving, the last thing you might want to do after a day of moving is checking every box looking for your toothbrush so have a box of your essentials and just take it with you in your car.   

The next 5s will help you or either entertain you. Check these frequently left behind items when moving.  


Sometimes it is unbelievable that you leave some things behind but its common and understandable, so before leaving make sure to have one last check on the drawers if your cutlery is still there. And don’t forget to check the washing machine.  


According to the recent study, most people tend to forget about their pets when moving. Pets such as cats, snakes, and birds.   


Be sure to check all wardrobes in all the rooms when packing and after you have checked the last room, check again. Are you leaving behind your washing machine or dryer? Check inside of it too.   


With the excitement and stress strikes, most people just ran out of the door concentrating on the things they see rather than those small ones but important too. Whether it is a small unobtrusive piece or part of the furniture or a charger might be hidden in the corner of the room. Just a little tip, look behind unexpected places before leaving.  


You can’t imagine leaving your money but sometimes because of the mess around and stress, it is possible that you will forget about it. A real estate agent unveiled that almost two-thirds of the people surveyed had left some items behind loans by cashspaces.


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